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Wrap your bed in rich, decadent fur for a sleep experience like none before. We carry a full line of both blankets and pillows created from the highest quality fur. Utilizing a variety of different types of fur, including mink, rabbit, fox and lynx, pillows and blankets are available in a number of different colors and textures to help you create a beautiful bed set for your sleeping pleasure.

Fur blankets and pillow are as comfortable as they are stylish. Use them to create a rustic look in your cold weather cabin or a romantic feel in your master suite. Selecting your favorite fur, cut, and color and help you create a one of a kind look and feel for your home.

Fur blankets and pillows are equally popular as throws and decorator pieces in a family or sitting room. A warm fur blanket paired with a leather couch or settee can be used to create a romantic sitting area that is decadent and rich in appearance.

Our pillows and blankets have been chosen for their expert craftsmanship and quality furs. The name Morris Kaye & Sons is synonymous with quality, so indulge in our bedding and see just how luxurious it can be to wrap yourself up in a fur blanket.

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