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At one time, the fur vest was a purely functional piece, but Morris Kaye & Sons knows that today’s fur vests are about so much more. We have developed a line of stunning fur vests that are as functional as they are fun. The line includes beautifully designed pieces, constructed of luxurious fur like mink, rabbit, lynx, and fox, and come in a variety of cuts, colors and style. Morris Kaye & Sons knows that today’s fur vests are about making a fashion statement and about having fun while you do it.

Combine a fun and flirty fur vest with simple jeans, and a belt and top for a look that is comfortable, fashionable, and unique. The fur vests we have selected for you are all 100% genuine fur and guaranteed to be the ‘hottest’ thing around.
Morris Kaye & Sons experts and designers always have their eye on what is current in fur fashion trends and have selected and designed a stunning line of fun fur vests that are as trendy as they are beautiful. You simply will not find a more complete line of gorgeous fur vests anywhere.

Take a few minutes to see what is offered and you will see that a fur vest is a must for any fashionable wardrobe.

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