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Want to Take Your Heirloom Mink from Classic to Epic?

Our FREE and informative fur restyling ebook will show you how.


We've condensed our 75 years of furrier experience into an informative how-to guide for redesigning your fur. Now you can benefit from our expertise with 10 Tips for Restyling Your fur Coats, absolutely free!

In this free eBook you will learn how to:

  • Find a qualified restyling furrier
  • Choose the best time to restyle your fur
  • Dress your house in fur
  • Store your remodeled fur
  • And so much more!

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About Us

What makes a woman feel more glamorous and beautiful than being enveloped by the luxury of a mink fur coat or draped in the lovely softness of a genuine mink wrap? What is more compelling and mysterious than the prestige and enchantment expressed in the adornment of a fox fur coat? Historically, wearing fur has been used as a means of protection from the elements and as a symbol of status, prevalent among royalty. Now fur gives off the image of prosperity and grace in western culture.

Morris Kaye & Sons has been in the business of providing quality fur products for almost eighty years, creating a luxurious array of fur coats and jackets, hats, mink fur stoles, fur vests, wraps and other luxurious garments since 1935. The quality products that meet the high standard of Morris Kaye & Sons have stood the test of time, both in providing the very best in fur and in the quality guarantee. Not only does Morris Kaye have a great selection, but we can also guide you in choosing the perfect fur, while supplying a full range of services to help meet your fur needs, including monogramming, insurance, fur storage, fur restyling, as well as maintenance and repair. Customers can relax and experience the guidance of Morris Kaye & Sons expertise when choosing the right style, color and thickness of mink, sable, lynx, sheared beaver, fox and other specialty furs.

The choices for the discerning customer are many, ranging from full length women’s fur coats and men’s fur coats, fur vests and fur jackets, to items such as fur bombers, opera capes, or accessories like fur hats, headbands, and mink teddy bears. Morris Kaye & Sons also finishes each custom-designed coat with their signature French hem construction. Morris Kaye & Sons not only sells directly to the public as the largest furrier in Texas – with showrooms in San Antonio and Dallas – but is also known for providing the best quality fur to some of the finest and best-known specialty stores in the world.