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  • Fur Accessories

    Fur Accessories

  • Coats


    There is nothing more decadent than a full length fur coat. From warm, lavish overcoats to lightweight pieces, we have a complete line of simply gorgeous fur coats. Fur is one of the best insulators around, making a fur coat a natural during cold winter months. Happily, they are as beautiful as they are warm. At Morris Kaye & Sons, we have a complete line of fur coats designed with an eye towards the latest trends in fur fashion. From cut and color to construction and style, each of the fur coats in our line has been chosen because they represent the best of the best in the world of fur fashions. We work with only the most talented furriers and designers to ensure that each piece selected for our online store is the pinnacle of fur perfection. We also have the ability to custom design and cut a fur coat that fits your own style. Take a few minutes to check out the beautiful fur coats we have sleeted for you – you are certain you will find one that you love. Slip on a luxurious fur coat and know what it means to feel pampered.
  • Jackets


    Gorgeous fur jackets are professionally constructed from only the highest quality materials. The look and feel of luxury furs has never been more beautifully represented than in this stunning line of fur jackets. A complete line of fur jackets is offered in a variety of styles, that are guaranteed to do more than keep you warm on a cold night – they'll make you a fashion “do” as well. Take the time to check out the complete of fur jackets. Choose a cut, color, and style that most suits your wants and needs. There are jackets to keep you comfortable, special occasion jackets to create a unique fashion statement, and everything in between. Men and women alike will love this unparalleled collection of striking fur jackets. Morris Kaye & Sons have developed a line of fur jackets that encompass all styles and fashion trends. Whether you are looking for something simple and understated or a piece that is more flashy, you can find the perfect fur jacket for you. As always, the talented staff of designers and furriers is available to assist you with making the selection.
  • Furs


    Morris Kaye & Sons knows that shopping for a new fur coat, vest, or jacket means making a major investment, and we offer you all the tools, information, and help you could need to make the best selection. The extensive line of furs, as well as talented furriers and designers at Morris Kaye & Sons you will always find what you want. Whether you are looking for a decadent fur coat for a trip to the cold northern states or a simple piece to make a statement, take your time to shop the large collection of luxury furs at your convenience. You will find the most luxurious fur coats, vests, jackets, and more available online. Of course, if you prefer, Morris Kaye’s expert staff is available to assist at one of our stores. The family owned and operated stores of Morris Kaye & Sons are famous for more than just gorgeous, decadent furs. Our expert furriers have the ability to create custom pieces to your exacting specifications and this collection of furs is, without a doubt, the most complete – whether you are shopping online or at one of three locations. A broad range of fur fashions for both women and men is offered. All pieces have been designed or chosen for quality of styling and construction, as well as the fur used to create them. When you are buying fur, you want to buy the best and Morris Kaye & Sons offers not only the highest quality fur pieces, but the expertise to back it up. No matter what your fur need, no matter what your fur question, shopping at Morris Kaye & Sons is the answer.
  • New Arrivals

    New Arrivals

  • Western


    If you have a bit of a wild side to your personal sense of style and fashion, western furs are a requirement for your wardrobe. A unique blend of fur choices and a cut and style that is uniquely western in style combine to create a look that is perfect for a cool fall evening or a quick trip up north. Western wear is about more than a fashion statement – for many, it's a way of life. At Morris Kaye & Sons, we have created a collection of fur fashions with a distinctly western feel and flair. We know that the cut, color, and style of your fur pieces need to have a little bit of western flavor. We also know how to make the cut into your wardrobe, so we have worked hard to create a collection of western pieces that are guaranteed to please. As always, at Morris Kaye & Sons, we have focused not only on how beautiful each piece is, but how well crafted they are and the quality of the materials used to create them. You know that buying a fur here means buying the best of the best. Check out our western line of furs to see which pieces will work for you!
  • Vests


    At one time, the fur vest was a purely functional piece, but Morris Kaye & Sons knows that today's fur vests are about so much more. We have developed a line of stunning fur vests that are as functional as they are fun. The line includes beautifully designed pieces, constructed of luxurious fur like mink, rabbit, lynx, and fox, and come in a variety of cuts, colors and style. Morris Kaye & Sons knows that today's fur vests are about making a fashion statement and about having fun while you do it. Combine a fun and flirty fur vest with simple jeans, and a belt and top for a look that is comfortable, fashionable, and unique. The fur vests we have selected for you are all 100% genuine fur and guaranteed to be the 'hottest' thing around. Morris Kaye & Sons experts and designers always have their eye on what is current in fur fashion trends and have selected and designed a stunning line of fun fur vests that are as trendy as they are beautiful. You simply will not find a more complete line of gorgeous fur vests anywhere. Take a few minutes to see what is offered and you will see that a fur vest is a must for any fashionable wardrobe.