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If you have arrived at this help page, you will find FAQs about high fashion furs, their storage and care. If you find yourself still needing answers about the website, our fur coat inventory, fur gift ideas, fur accessories, fur storage or fur restyling; please contact Morris Kaye & Sons by phone at (214) 631-0804 or by E-mail at [email protected].

Fur FAQ’s

Once I purchase my Morris Kaye & Sons fur, what is the best way to care for it?

Fluffing a fur hat out of the box and for each season will help maintain its shape. To keep a fur garment shiny, gently brushing a dry fur in the grain direction when the fur is dry can help bring back the natural sheen.

Careful care should be taken if your fur garment or accessory gets wet. Dry the fur at room temperature. Don’t use a blow dryer, direct sunlight or an alternative heat source because it may be drying or damaging.

Don’t wash a fur hat or garment yourself. Jewelry, perfumes and direct sunlight can also be damaging to furs in long-term exposure. If your fur coat or fur jacket becomes stained or requires repairs, contact Morris Kaye & Sons to arrange for cleaning and repairs.

Why is my fur not exactly the same color as the Morris Kaye & Sons website picture?

Our fur garments, gifts and accessories are made from a variety of furs including sable, lynx, sheared beaver, fox and other specialty furs. No animal is exactly the same, which creates variances in our natural fur colors. While we always choose the highest quality fur pelts for our high fashion fur items, we cannot promise that your garment or accessory will be exactly the same tone as the website picture.